The Wedding Ministers
Pastor Keith Andrews

Pastor Keith Andrews is a proud family man, so he takes joy in assisting couples in preparing for their lives together as husband and wife.  He believes that a minister makes the greatest impact on others simply by establishing caring relationships, and teaching people that God’s truths transforms lives.  He was ordained a minister in Florida in 1998, and has served as an Assistant Pastor and Senior Pastor in churches in Florida and in Texas.  His post-graduate education includes Masters degrees from Knox Theological Seminary and Regent University School of Divinity.  Pastor Keith has a wide variety of experiences mentoring couples and preparing them not just for a marriage ceremony, but for a life of marriage.

Pastor Deon Archer

Pastor Deon Archer serves at a community church coordinating children’s programs, student outreach, and adult spiritual growth classes.  In 2009, he received a Bachelor of Science degree in Biblical Counseling, which includes practical skills in fostering strong marriages for couples in all stages in life.  His passion is to love God and to serve people.  He keeps himself busy pursuing a Master of Theology Degree at Dallas Theological Seminary, while working at M.D. Anderson as a patient services coordinator. In his free time, he enjoys reading, fishing, bowling, watching movies, and spending time with his wife.

Pastor Ken Boggs

Pastor Ken Boggs has been married to his wife for 23 years, and is the proud father of four teenagers.  He graduated Magna Cum Laude from Abilene Christian University, and then earned a Masters of Divinity degree from Fuller Theological Seminary.  He serves as Senior Associate Pastor at a community church in Pasadena, where he often preaches, oversees the small group ministry, and assists the church in reaching out to the surrounding community.  Before serving full-time as a Minister, Ken worked as an Account Executive with a real estate services firm and a Regional Sales Manager with a services firm.  Ken enjoys spending time with his family, watching baseball games, riding Harleys, and eating good Mexican food.  He enjoys showing couples God’s grace and love by providing a personal, meaningful wedding ceremony experience.

Pastor Rick Branek

Pastor Rick Branek has served as an Associate Pastor at dynamic churches in San Diego, California, and Richmond, Texas.  He has led hundreds of volunteers in making newcomers feel welcome and wanted in a large church environment.  Pastor Rick was licensed by a church in California and then ordained to the ministry in a Nevada church. He has a Masters Degree from Southwestern Seminary. Currently he is coaching churches in public relations and communication as time allows, as well as teaching at a private school. Through 28 years of ministry in thriving churches, he has enjoyed the opportunity to lead the weddings of many couples.  With a contagious enthusiasm, Pastor Rick loves meeting couples that are engaged and preparing for their wedding.  

Pastor James Doremus

Pastor James Doremus is originally from Mississippi.   He has been married for 33 years.  He and his wife are blessed with two sons, two daughters–in-laws, two grandsons, one granddaughter, and one Labrador Retriever.  His wife, Janet, is employed as a nurse and has just received her master’s degree in nursing.  They moved to Houston in 2004 having previously lived in Colorado, Texas, Florida, and Mississippi. He pastors a church in the Memorial area of Houston.  In his free time, he enjoys running, cycling, and the outdoors.  He's also a fan of the Lord of the Rings movies, and loves to go skiing with his a family.  Pastor James received his Doctor of Minister from Bethel University and Seminary in 2006. Pastor James loves to help couples begin their life together with a meaningful and purposeful wedding ceremony.

Pastor Tim Douglas

Pastor Tim is thankful for 25 years of experience as a Minister, and he has a Bachelor of Arts in Theology and a Masters of Divinity in Biblical Languages and Religious Education.  Pastor Tim has lived in Las Vegas, Oklahoma, Indiana, Wisconsin, Kansas, and Texas.  He is passionate about building genuine relationships with people and experiencing life together.  Pastor Tim leads a vibrant new multi-ethnic church in Katy, which seeks to impact its local community, yet also helps start churches in Kharkov, Ukraine.  Pastor Tim is easy to be around, has a giving heart, and loves performing wedding ceremonies!

Pastor Maury Gill

Pastor Maury Gill was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee, and received a Bachelor of Science in Education from the University of Memphis in 1984.  By 1987, he earned a Master of Arts in Religion and Education from Mid-American Theological Seminary.  His wife works as an operating room nurse at a hospital in Kingwood, and they enjoy spending time with their three sons. Pastor Maury has served in a Kingwood church as Minister of Education and Discipleship, and as an Area Director of Fellowship of Christian Athletes.  Currently, he is Senior Pastor of a church in Conroe.  When he has time on his hands, he enjoys a round of golf or a ride on his Harley.  He loves performing wedding ceremonies because he enjoys helping couples launch their new lives together.

Pastor Angelo Gonzalez

Pastor Angelo Gonzalez grew up in Sweetwater, TX and in the Alief area of Houston.  He graduated from Houston Baptist University with a degree in Christianity & Biblical Languages.  Pastor Angelo is proud family man who is married to Sarah; has a 2 year old daughter named Hayden; and baby daughter named Morgan.  While he has served as a Youth Minister and Worship Leader, he was a key leader and founding member of a new West Houston church that formed in September of 2009.  He now serves as Associate Pastor at the church.  In addition, he works in a marketing role for a Houston area business services company.  Pastor Angelo can best be described as a people-person who enjoys building friendships with others.  He loves to see couples launch into their new lives together as he helps them prepare for their wedding date!

Pastor Brad Goodale

Pastor Brad Goodale works at a national broadcasting network as Director for Church and Ministry Development.  In addition to his background in ministry, he has worked in management, sales, and marketing in the medical field.  With a heart for sharing God’s love anywhere, he has started new churches in Mexico, Ukraine, and the United States.  He has also led mission trips to Russia and Guatemala.  He received a Bachelors Degree in Marketing from Stephen F. Austin University, and then attended the Graduate School of Christ in Texas.  A gifted communicator, Pastor Brad spent several years hosting a local radio program.  He loves to perform wedding ceremonies, since he gets to build friendships with those beginning a new adventure in life.

Pastor Matt Koppelman

Pastor Matt is married to Stephanie and has 3 children.  He sees his role as a minister as both counselor and caregiver, as wells as leading and teaching.  For five years, he served as the founding Pastor of a vibrant new church in a rapidly growing area of Southeast Montgomery County.  Before that, he worked in corporate environments, focusing on client relationships, customer service, marketing, and personnel management. He graduated from Texas A&M with a Bachelor of Science in 1991, and completed a masters degree at Grace School of Theology this past year. He enjoys golf, hunting, coaching Little League, and driving good coffee. Pastor Matt loves performing weddings because he seeks to be centered around relationships and spending time with others.

Pastor Randol Lindsay

Pastor Randol Lindsay earned his Doctorate of Ministry from New Orleans Seminary.  He served as Pastor of several churches in Mississippi for 12 years before moving to the Houston area.  Having a heart for bringing hope and healing to all, he developed and implemented a divorce recovery program to a church in New Orleans.  This experience gave him unique insight into preparing couples for a successful strong marriage.  Pastor Randol has spent several years serving in the healthcare industry, both as a Chaplain and Case Manager.  He is gifted at connecting with couples with acceptance, encouragement, and friendship; and is a warm and inviting public speaker as well.

Pastor Carl Matthews

Pastor Carl has performed wedding ceremonies for over 30 years.  He was born and raised in Houston and is passionate about serving the community.  This led him to join the steering committee of the Department of Planning and Development under Mayor Bon Lanier.  While currently pastoring a church in Pearland, he also serves in leadership in an immigrant ministry, counseling for troubled juveniles, and an anger management program for the school district.  Pastor Carl believes that communities can be changed for the better when individuals experience life-transformation first.  He received his education at Union Seminary of Theology, and the College of Biblical Studies.  With such a variety of experiences, Pastor Carl is understanding and caring as he meets with brides and grooms and prepares them not just for a wedding ceremony, but for a lifetime together.

Pastor Hiro Nishi

LANGUAGES:  English and Japanese

Pastor Hiro Nishi is a graduate of Lamar University, and holds a degree of Master of Business Administration, as well as a Master of Divinity degree. He has served as a Young Adult Pastor and Executive Officer in Lufkin, Beaumont, and Garland.  He is now a resident of Houston and is starting a new church to assist young adults in finding a meaningful spiritual experience.  During his years of ministry, he has helped establish a social justice organization, led a private school, and provided young adults with coaching and networking opportunities.

Pastor James Scarborough

Pastor James has been married to Amy for 16 years.  They have 3 daughters.  James has been a minister for 28 years, and has an extensive background working with single adults & married adults.  He enjoys performing marriage ceremonies, since he gets to take part in a couple's most anticipated moment in life!  As founder and President of The Wedding Ministers Inc., Pastor James works closely with other ministers who are gifted at working with engaged couples and officiating weddings.

PLEASE NOTE:  Although he oversees The Wedding Ministers from Lufkin, Texas, Pastor James still performs Houston-area weddings.  He schedules meetings via Skype or Facetime, or when he is in the Houston area.  Due to the distance, his travel fee for a wedding ceremony is $120.

Pastor Pierce Stewart

Pastor Pierce Stewart has served as an ordained Minister for nearly 20 years. He is passionate about reaching out into the community, building relationships, and exemplifying the love of God.  He and his wife Dynna have four children.  Pastor Pierce has a degree from University of Houston in management and marketing, and went on to earn a Masters of Business Administration.  He desires to help bridge the gap between churches and the business community.  For that reason, he works as an Associate Pastor in a local church while also working as a community development director at Stop Hunger Now. In his spare time, he enjoys sports, reading, travel, and time with his family.  Pastor Pierce says that weddings give him joy as he reflects of the meaning of a marriage commitment.

Pastor Kim Tran

LANGUAGES:  English, French, & Vietnamese

Pastor Kim Tran has been married to his wife Ann for over 32 years, and loves guiding couples to a lifelong of happiness.  They are proud of their two adult daughters.  Pastor Kim, who is fluent in three languages, is completing his Doctor of Ministry degree at New Orleans Seminary.  He received a Bachelor degree in Civil Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology in 1977.  After working for 5 years as a structural engineer, he began serving in churches as a Minister.  For over 20 years, he has traveled in the United States, Cambodia, and Vietnam teaching Bible conferences.  His experience in multi-cultural environments has given him a unique outlook on life as he focuses on God's love and redemption for people everywhere.

Pastor Armando Villarreal

Pastor Armando Villarreal is the Senior Pastor at a new church in Houston.  He has spent all of his adult years in service to the call of God.  His ministry started from humble beginnings serving at his local church overseeing the media and video department where he learned much from his mentor.  He has a strong passion to lead others in worship, and regularly teaches the congregation on Sunday mornings.  His lessons strive to bring people encouragement in their day to day lives, as they apply principles from the Bible to the issues they face.  Pastor Armando loves performing wedding ceremonies, since he gets to encourage the potential that God has given each bride and groom on their journey together.

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